If you’re a business owner marketing, and networking is crucial – but not everyone knows how to go about that, or has the time. That’s where Tracey Warren, Business Coach/Consultant, and Author of Ignite Your Champions comes in, she is committed to “helping you create community online and off, so that you can build your business with greater ease”.

Social media today plays a huge role in the way we market ourselves, and our business. Content and strategy isn’t always enough to succeed, you need to be faithful fans, nurture your network, and find your ‘Champions’ so you can surround yourselves with people that have been here for you all along, and continue to cheer you on, and want you to succeed.

Ignite Your Champions is about “Building Your Business By Connection, and Community”. Being  on every social media platforms isn’t always enough to get your message out there. Tracey’s consulting tips helps her clients learn how to first find out who your champions are, which are your fans that already support you, and return the ‘engagement’ favor by acknowledging their messages and posts – which could be something as simple as a quick comment, or like.

One way to make your marketing easier is to stop trying to make everything perfect.  Through Tracey’s consulting program she will help customize a marketing program that works best for you, and teach you to market your business with joy and ease. Marketing should be fun, not something you dread – building your community is the key to success in life and business.

Ignite Your Champions consulting starts with two 45-minute calls per month, where Tracey will:

  • Identify your content buckets. 
  • Build a sustainable content calendar.
  • Decide the most profitable marketing activities 
  • Determine how to use metrics and analytics to drive your content distribution decisions.
  • Identify your current and potential Champions and develop a plan for keeping them engaged.
  • Discover how to best share about who you are and what you do.
  • Identify and develop customer stories for sharing.

Tracey can help you create 10-15 pieces of content, and templates per month for you to use – saving you time and energy!

If you’re ready to take the next step to marketing your business, and building your community with ease schedule a free 30 minute consultation with Tracey on her website! You can join her Marketing Matters Membership, a monthly membership to discover how to simplify your marketing, messaging and memorability, increase and sustain engagement, and more. Follow Tracey on Facebook, for news of when her book will be available to purchase, and more consulting tips.