Today we chatted with Janice Vache, representing Lake Washington School District’s Pantry Pack Program. This is a program I’ve been fortunate to be a part of for years. It was a pleasure to learn how much of an impact this program truly makes, and how it brings the community together.

During the week, at risk students are able to receive free or reduced meals, but on the weekends, they often go hungry.​ Serving over 45 schools in LWSD, the Pantry Pack program makes a big difference for a lot of families.

When kids don’t get enough to eat, they can’t concentrate and they can’t learn. With community donations of time, funds and kid-friendly food items, volunteers come together each month to “pack the packs.” Volunteer drivers then deliver the packs to the participating schools, and each week school coordinators distribute the packs to more than 850 hungry children in preschool through high school. That’s approximately 27 pallets of food each month!

Janice and her volunteer team have perfected a well oiled machine, making the process of their monthly unpacking and packing events a breeze. The packing process is just one of many ways you can help! There are several other ways you can participate from donating, non-parishable kid friendly food items to their new Redmond location, to holding your own food drive. They have put together a planning checklist and provide Food Drive Coordinators  to help you organize your food drive. For more information, you can email

If you aren’t able to volunteer in person LWSD has made it easy to donate online. You can donate funds to purchase the food they need at the best possible price. Visit their donation page for electronic donations or you can mail a check written to “LWSF-Pantry Packs” to:
Lake Washington Schools Foundation | PO Box 83, Redmond, WA 98073. You can also donate food directly to pantry packs from their Amazon Wish List. Order the food items you wish to donate and they will be shipped directly to LWSD, how easy is that!

If you would like more information on how you can get involved with Lake Washington School District pantry pack program, or all other programs they offer please visit their program page. Follow them on Facebook for their upcoming fund raising events.